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Looking to feed your competitive spirit this year and forge new friendships, then join us for The Campus' Padel League tournament sponsored by Carby Volkswagen!  This 8-stage doubles-only competition will be played on The Campus' world-class padel courts, with great prizes for each stage winner in one of our amazing Quinta do Lago restaurants, and culminating in a masters final. Points earned in each stage will be totalled at the end of the competition to determine who advances to the Masters final!
So, pair up and sign up now!

*We split our players in 3 categories, M4, F4 and level 5, you can register for both M4 or F4 and Level 5
€20 for 1 category or €35 for 2 categories per player per stage (members) 
€25 for 1 category or €45 for 2 categories per player per stage (non-members)



Stage I: February 17th - Rankings
Sponsored by Casa do Lago
Stage II: March 16th - Rankings
Sponsored by KOKO
Stage III: April 13th - Rankings
Sponsored by The Magnolia Restaurant
Stage IV: May 11th - Rankings
Sponsored by UMAMI
Stage V: June 1st
Sponsored by The Shack Bar
Stage VI: September 21st
Sponsored by Bovino Steakhouse
Stage VII: October 26th
Sponsored by Clubhouse N&S
Stage VIII: November 16th
Sponsored by Dano's
Masters: December 7th
Sponsored by Casa Velha

Winners will receive fantastic gastronomic experiences in our finest restaurants in every stage of the league.


Winner - 400 points
Runner up - 300 points
Semifinalist (3rd/4th) - 200 points 
Quarter finalist - 100 points
Plate winner - 75 points
Plate finalist - 50 points
Plate semi finalist - 25 points
Plate quarter finalist - 15 points
Group Stage Win - 20 points
Group Stage Draw - 10 points



Winner - 180 points
Runner up - 120 points
Semifinalist (3rd/4th) - 80 points
Quarter finalist - 40 points
Plate winner - 30 points
Plate finalist - 20 points
Plate semi finalist - 10 points
Plate quarter finalist - 6 points
Group Stage Win - 8 points
Group Stage Draw - 4 points


  • Sign up as a pair or contact us to find a partner
  • Minimum 3 matches guaranteed
  • Group stages are played by time (20 or 25min depending on number of teams)
  • Top 16 players must play in Level 4
  • Level 5 is open to any level of play
  • If one of the players in the pairing is in the top 16 the team must play in Level 4
  • The Campus has 2 wild cards for every Level 4 event
  • All teams go through after the group stage either to the main draw or to the plate depending on their scores
  • Semi final and final are played on a regular set system with a tie-break at 6/6 (eg: 6/3; 7/5; 7/6)
  • Top 32 players in each level qualify for the Masters
    Masters gives double the points
  • In case of no quarter-finals, the plate winners get the equivalent of going to the quarter-final of the main draw
  • Male and Female ranking run separately
  • Seeding in each stage is determined by the overall ranking
  • The same pair of men can only sign up for 1 category (M4 or Level 5)
  • Level 5 allows for men only, women only and mixed pairings
  • League levels according to the Portuguese Padel Federation


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