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At The Campus, everyone is supported to achieve their dreams. That’s why they’ve created the Junior Academies where you can find tennis, swimming, triathlon and fitness programmes, developed especially to support and coach young people to succeed in their favourite sport. Our Junior Academies are open to people from age 4 to 18 and focus on two crucial areas of training: development and performance. With expert coaching, members are taught to cultivate their passion for the sport, train with discipline and resilience and, above all, have fun.



Tiny Reds (4-6 yrs old)
3x per week 

Rookie Oranges ( 7-9 yrs old)
2x per week 

Star Greens (9-10 yrs old)
3x per week

Junior Development (+11)
3x per week

Junior Performance (+11, professional level)
5x per week - subject to assessment class 


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The prices below are for non-members.
Swimming group classes
Beginners (4-6yrs old) & Intermediate (7+)
€ 18 per session

Personal Swimming Coaching
1 PT session € 90 
Pack of 4 PT sessions € 340
Pack of 8 PT sessions € 620
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Triathlon for Kids (8-16 years old)
2x per week, 2h per session
€45 per month 


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