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About us

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The CAMPUS is a unique, state of the art multi-sports complex in the heart of Quinta do Lago. Our goal is to offer professional level training and coaching to all, whatever your level. From world-class athletes and international competitors to active families, sports enthusiasts and rising stars of all ages. Whether you are are beginning your sports journey or a professional athlete, The Campus is designed to help you achieve your goals. Enjoy our elite facilities and join the growing community at THE CAMPUS – for the love of sport.


The Campus is home to the Desso Grassmaster hybrid pitch - a high tech pitch known for its playing consistency. Exclusively aimed at professional sporting teams and adhering to top international standards, the newly allocated green is 151m x 74m and allows us to configure to a full-size football and rugby grounds including technical areas.

High Performance Gym

THE CAMPUS high performance gymnasium is equipped with the latest in sports technology. Designed to meet the needs and demands of professional athletes, this high performance environment will support and enhance your training or exercise regime, while a team of active living personal trainers and sports physicians are on hand to help you get the most out of each and every workout.


Fitness and wellness group classes are a fantastic way to enjoy active, energetic workouts in a fun and supported environment. From mind and body classes like restorative yoga and pilates, to high intensity interval training, barre fitness and and family zumba, there is a fun and exhilarating class waiting for you at THE CAMPUS.


A dynamic team of coaches are ready at THE CAMPUS to welcome all those who stop by. We are building a team of world-class athletes who have competed at an elite level to offer training and performance enhancement. So, whether pro or first-timer, the team, each with a personal passion for the sport and a wealth of coaching experience, can help you achieve your goals.

Swimming Pool

THE CAMPUS aquatic centre has been created with state of the art technology. With a 25-meter heated outdoor swimming pool and a smaller children’s pool, our facility allows you to enjoy a full range of swimming amenities including advanced swim lane sessions, beginner’s lessons, group classes and private tutelage. Members and guests are also invited to enjoy our range of hydrotherapy treatments, hot and cold plunge baths, aqua aerobics and water polo.

Rehabilitation, Recovery & Wellness

Not just a place to play your favourite sport, THE CAMPUS gives you the full spectrum of sports lifestyle facilities, including sophisticated rehabilitation and wellness services to ease you into recovery and prevent injuries. A post-practice sports massage will stimulate deep tissue muscles to reduce strain and increase mobility, or work with our therapist on a longer basis for physiotherapy treatment techniques to promote physical recovery.


Our facility provides a range of tennis courts suited to all levels of player. Our courts consist of four acrylic tournament courts and two synthetic clay courts, created with the best playing surface in mind to augment athlete performance. THE CAMPUS professional coaches provide a tailored format and have instilled a customised coaching programme available to all skillsets and ages, from the recreational player through to the internationally ranked. The Pavilion offers exclusive professional racquet and stringing services alongside a courtside viewing area serving an assortment of refreshments.

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THE CAMPUS’ four Padel courts are equipped with the latest carpet technology, special shock-pad features and court floodlights, enabling training sessions from dusk until dawn. As with our tennis courts, our Padel grounds are eligible to a wide range of skill sets and comply with the world governing body standards. Weekly Padel tournaments at THE CAMPUS are a fantastic opportunity to put your practice to the test in a sociable and dynamic environment. 

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The Bike Shed at The Campus offers an extensive variety of resources for recreational and competitive cyclists alike, from analysis, custom bike fitting, road tracking excursions and guided tours built for individual riders or groups. The Bike Shed is the starting point for many cycle routes along the Algarve’s stunning coast and offers fittings, coaching, equipment and apparel, as well as a community base to unwind at the end of the day. Our trails are designed by our cycling professionals, integrating the surrounding Ria Formosa natural park to create the ultimate cycling experience.

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Triathletes will find THE CAMPUS and Quinta do Lago resort perfectly suited to train for all three events, complemented by the ideal climate of southern Portugal. In addition to our cycling and aquatic facilities,  the Quinta do Lago private lake offers fantastic conditions, while the quiet, winding roads can be optimised to create technical courses with varying levels of difficulty. THE CAMPUS’ team of experienced coaches, including Marcus Ornellas, 7-time national triathlon winner for Brazil, are on hand assist you in focusing on performance and achieving your goals.

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