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Be elite,
whatever your level

At The Campus, we believe in the power of dreams, dedication, and determination. Our high-performance sports facility is where athletes from all corners of the globe gather to transform their aspirations into achievements. Whether you're an emerging talent or a seasoned pro, we've created an environment where greatness is nurtured, and champions are made.

Annual Membership


✅ Full use of The Campus high performance facilities;

✅ Access to selected group fitness classes;

✅ Access to rackets classes;

✅ Free court rentals and Frequent player discount on additional rackets services;

✅ Advance booking for group fitness classes and court rentals allowance of 5 days bookings in advance;

✅ Up to 30% discount on hire of mountain and road bikes;

✅ Induction to all facilities and a health assessment free.

✅ 25% discount if you bring a second member to the anual membership

✅ 25% discount voucher in the annual membership to give a friend

Total Value if you paid monthly

What you actually pay
(for one full year)

Must be paid up front
*Valid for 12 months 










Facilities and Training Areas

Free schedule


Free parking

Pavilion Bar & Restaurant

Studio cycle

Outdoor heated pool

Multi purpose studio

High Performance Gym

Trim trail track

Dedicated weight room 

Workout Space

Steam room


Hot and cold plunges

Professional cycling hub

Tennis courts

Padel courts

Sports wellness

Medical treatment rooms

Team of professionals and coaches

What our members say

One of the greatest places on earth. Ultimate relaxation, unbelievable gym facilities, very friendly staff, and (weird but true) the nicest smelling towels of all time.

Will Carroll

Great facility for kids and adults alike tennis, soccer and swimming whilst we were there, flowed by chicken wings and vino in Danos, a perfect day

Paula Burrows

3rd visit Fantastic, Fantastic facility, amazing Tennis coaches especially David and Moh. Great social tennis, friendly members, good clubhouse highly highly recommend I will return.


One of the best sports facilities in Europe.

Nicholas MacGowan von Holstein

Superb performance area, clean and secure. Lovely coffee and snacks area. Fabulous smoothie

AnnaLouise Kellett

Excellent space to practice tennis and have a good socializing

João Palma

Just like Nicholas and Penny, you can be part of this high-performance center and become a training champion

so that there are no questions
left unanswered

1- Is The Campus at Quinta do Lago open to the general public, or is it primarily for professional athletes?

The Campus welcomes both professional athletes and individuals of all fitness levels. It's designed to cater to a wide range of people interested in sports and fitness.

2- Can I train at The Campus on a daily basis, or are there specific membership or access restrictions?

The Campus offers various membership options, including daily access, monthly memberships, and more. You can choose a plan that suits your training frequency and goals.

3- What sports and activities can I participate in at The Campus, and do I need to be proficient in a particular sport to join?

The Campus offers a diverse range of sports and fitness activities, and you don't need to be an expert to participate. Whether you're interested in tennis, golf, fitness training, or other sports, there are programmes and coaching available for all skill levels.

4- Are there personal trainers or coaches available to help me create a customised training plan?

Yes, The Campus provides experienced coaches and personal trainers who can work with you to create a tailored training plan based on your fitness goals and needs. They can provide guidance and support to help you make the most of your training sessions.

5- Can I schedule my training sessions to fit my own timetable, or are there specific training hours?

The Campus typically offers flexible training hours to accommodate a variety of schedules. You can inquire about the specific hours of operation and booking options to ensure they align with your availability.

Are you ready to commit to nothing but excellence and jump to the next level at The Campus?