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Swimming Camp

5th to 9th & 12th to 16th of August  

15:00 to 15:40 - 3-4 years old
15:50 to 16:30 - 5 to 7 years old
16:40 to 17:40 - 7 to 11 years old

Dive into our fin-tastic Swimming Camps, where your kids transform into mini mermaids and sharks! Destined to arm your little paddlers with epic survival skills. This isn't just any bubble-blowing bonanza; it’s a life-saving session, so wave goodbye to fear of the deep end! Don't worry, while your children are learning their survival skills with us! To ensure no guppy is left behind, attendance for all five days is a must. Join the team of turtle tots and turn ‘uh-oh’ into a confident doggy paddle. Book now; spots are filling faster than a kiddie pool in a heatwave!

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What Children Will Learn This Week:
The five swimming fundamental skills they will learn are:
1. Monkey Walk, for safe entries and exits of the pool.
2. Floating, to keep themselves calm in the water and save energy.
3. Rollover, to breath better and be able to call for help.
4. Tread water, to be easier to swim.
5. Kicking, to be easier to return to the surface of the water.

Kids will:
Understand how to be rescued: If they fall into a pool accidentally and be able to grab
the wall, they can use the monkey walk to hold on tight to the wall and move around
the edge to safety. When being rescued, hold on tightly to the object thrown or held
out to you. This will allow you to keep your head above water and be pulled to safety.
Learn safe entry and exit: When entering the pool, they need to perform a safety
entry. From the edge or the pool stairs, a safe entry allows kids to slowly lower
themselves into the water feet-first.
Call for help in a dorsal position: For this floating and rollover are important skills. In
an emergency, kids need to find a way to rollover to a dorsal position and scream
‘help’ while keep treading water to keep themselves in the surface.
Know how to tread the water: Treading water helps kids to keep in place or move
faster. By learning how to tread water kids will save energy and be more efficient in
the water to reach a safe place in the pool.
Rise to the Surface: All swimmers should learn to enter deep water and return to the
Learn how to jump: Pencil jump is the way to jump when in unfamiliar water. It allows
little swimmers to enter the water and control better their position in the water to
return to the surface of the water.
Swim 10 meters to safety: When in an emergency kids start splashing the water and
start getting tired faster. By keeping themselves calm and train bigger swimming
distances they will learn to use floating and treading water to save energy to reach a
safe place in the water.
Staying calm in the water: When a child falls into water, or runs into difficulty whilst
swimming, it’s easy for them to panic. Panic is their worst enemy. Consistent swim
safety training will enable your child to practise the actions and positions they need
to know in order to be safe.

With a maximum of 6 children per coach, it will be 5 days of 5 lessons of 40-minute duration.

Required Equipment:
T-shirt that can get wet
Short or pants that can get wet
Goggle are not allowed