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Nutrition Workshops with Karelle Lauren

  • Wednesday, 22nd November - What’s on my plate – 14:00
  • Wednesday 29th November - Gut health – 14:00
  • Wednesday 6th December - Women’s Health – 14:00
  • Wednesday 13th December - How to survive Christmas – 14:00

Join us once again as we delve back into the world of better health with Karelle Laurent’s enlightening Nutrition Workshops this November and December!
Level up your fitness routine and don’t miss Session 1 on November 22nd, where we'll reveal “What's Really on Your Plate” and help you make informed and healthier food choices. Discover the fascinating world of microbiome and gut health in Session 2: Gut Health on November 29th. And in Session 3: Women’s Health on December 6th, where we'll dive into the hormonal changes that have an impact on women’s overall well-being. Last but not least, join us on December 13th for our final Session 4 of Karelle’s Nutrition Classes - "How to Survive Christmas". Discover her expert tips and advice on how to navigate through all those tempting treats while still enjoying the festive spirit. Don't let the holidays derail your progress, learn how to keep up with your health goals and stay on track. Revolutionise your approach to nutrition, sign up now, and unleash the power of a healthier, fitter you!

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